What is the ITADAKI-MASU Project?

What is the ITADAKI-MASU Project

To solve the food shortage problem, we are creating a group called the ITADAKI-MASU Consortium that will go beyond the boundaries of national borders.
Companies and individuals will come together to share solutions, discuss and develop technology, technology and wisdom, as well as technologies, and create new products and services. 

Companies and individuals who participate in this consortium can share the products and services that they already own. This way, the ITADAKI-MASU Consortium can have access to a variety of already existing products and we can continue with cooperative sales.

To solve the "food crisis of the world", we need to tackle the issues of "abandoned farmland" and the "decrease in farmers". By strengthening the ITADAKI-MASU Consortium we can challenge problems such as these that cannot be tackled alone, and we can conquer and solve these problems by gathering the power of all of the participants in the consortium.