Report on Collaboration Campaign with Gold Arbi EX

Currently, ITADAKI-MASU Coin (ITM) has been listed on Gold Arbi EX last week following the listing of BitPoint APEC and has been successfully maintaining a similar price in BitPoint APEC.

This progression can be confirmed on the following website:

In order to expand ITADAKI-MASU Coin users even further and steadily increase the value of the coin, we will hold a collaboration with the exchange in preparation for the next listing.

First, we will hold a campaign with Gold Arbi EX (listed secondly) as follows.

Participating in the following will grant participants ITM.
◾️ Membership Registration Campaign
・ITM will be granted to those who complete member registration
・Limited time only; when the campaign ends, the granted coin will change to Gold Arbi EX Handling Coins

◾️ Introduction to the Exchange Campaign
・If a user uses the referral code to introduce someone to Gold Arbi EX, they will receive ITM.
・Limited time only; when the campaign ends, the granted coin will change to Gold Arbi EX Handling Coins

In addition, we will hold another campaign where participants can earn ITM on a weekly basis.

◾️ BTC Target, Weekly Airdrop Campaign

If you put BTC into the Gold Arbi EX wallet, you will receive ITM every week at time of aggregation (amount received depends on how much BTC put into the wallet)

【Campaign Implementation Days】

● Distribution for aggregation period (Wednesday~Tuesday) is on Wednesday.

【Aggregation Times and Distribution Times】

*Aggregation timing is 0:00 (GMT Time)
*Distribution timing is 0:00 (GMT Time)
*Target coin will be changed in the order of listing.

[Initial Target Coin: ITADAKI-MASU Coin (ITM), Jomaniq (JMN) (Gold Arbi EX Handling Coin), others will be announced one by one.
ITADAKI-MASU Coin will be distributed on the 7/15 start date.

【About the Aggregation Method and Distribution Amount】

For each aggregated BTC, 10%~ is intended to be distributed (varies for each coin).

* For ITADAKI-MASU Coin (ITM), depending on the amount in the BTC wallet, 10% is intended to be distributed.

【Simple Participation Method】

Just put BTC into the Gold Arbi EX Wallet until the target day at 0:00(GTM Time).
There is no need to enter any special codes or keep looking at the charts.
Don’t miss your chance to gain blue chip coins simply by depositing BTC!

It will take place on days other than the above (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday).
Future campaigns will be announced as determined by the Gold Arbi EX.


Gold Arbi EXとの連携キャンペーンのご報告

現在Itadakimasu CoinはBitPoint APECの上場に続き、先週Gold Arbi EXで上場し無事に同価格を推移しています。

次の取引所の上場準備に向けて順調にチャート上の価格を推移させるためにも、更なるItadakimasu Coin(ITM)コインフォルダー拡大のためにも、取引所とコラボ連携したキャンペーンを行います。

まずは2つ目に上場した、Gold Arbi EXで以下のキャンペーンを行います。



更にGold Arbi EXで毎週ITMがもらえるキャンペーンを開催します。


BTCをGold Arbi EXのウォレットにいれていると毎週集計タイミングでBTCの枚数に応じた、
Itadakimasu Coin(ITM)がもらえます。








*いただきますコイン BTCウォレット内枚数に対して、ITM 10%


対象曜日の0:00(GMT時間)まで、BTCをGold Arbi EXのウォレットに置いておくだけ。

今後のキャンペーンにつきましてはGold Arbi EXで決定次第お知らせいたします