Collaboration with GOMA Books_Participating in our 5th Kiwami Project

“Kiwami Project Block Chain Conference #5” was held in Yaesu, Chuo Ward in Tokyo.

GOMA Books Co. Ltd., which aims to collaborate using publication/multimedia files with blockchain technology, recently announced the GOMA Consortium, a new multimedia blockchain consortium.


The ITADAKI-MASU Coin Project has also declared its participation in the GOMA Consortium.

By cooperating with the GOMA Consortium, new solutions for publications and agricultural education books are expected for farmers participating in the ITADAKI-MASU Consortium.

The cooperation with the GOMA Consortium is out first step in cooperating with other various companies and projects.

We will cooperate with the publication platform as a form of agricultural education.


The GOMA Consortium Platform that utilizes blockchain. Using publication and distribution platforms as a global strategy, we will spread agricultural education all over the world.


■ Event Overview

Title: Kiwami Project Blockchain Conference #5

Date & Time: August 24th (Sat.) 12:30-15:00 (Opening time: 12:00-)

Location: Fukuracia Yaesu

〒104-0028 Tokyo, Chuo Ward, Yaesu 2-4-1

Access: JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Subway, immediately outside Exit #5

Organizer: Kiwami Project Management Office

Offical Website URL:

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・12:30- GOMA Books Co. Ltd.,

As a Japanese company participating in the GOMA Consortium aiming to become a platform which fuses content and cryptocurrency, GOMA Books Co. Ltd., announced the world’s largest publishing coin platform. Through user-participated content distribution and cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges in each county, as well as the role of publishing collaboration with each project announced to participate in the consortium, GOMA Consortium was able to announce a new form of copyright usage.


The largest feature is the generation of allocation when using content. Allocation of the GOMA Coin, created by the GOMA Consortium (Singapore), new copyright/ usage of distributed content, the management platform concept, and the public listing for the GOMA Coin exchange was announced. As an example of the development of solutions using the GOMA Coin, we also announced our collaboration with the NOMAD exchange, which is currently being prepared in Mongolia.


Exchanges publicly listed by GOMA Coin


Gold Arbi Exchange:


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