We Participated in the Japan-China Digital Asset Meeting!

On December 3, 2018, ITADAKI-MASU Coin Project took the stage at the Japan-China Digital Asset Meeting.

The Japan-China Digital Asset Meeting was held together mainly with ENCHAIN.ASIA members, but other investors and projects from China were also able to participate in this meet-up style of meeting.

Within the projects from China and Taiwan that took the stage, ITADAKI-MASU consortium members announced the approach of newly developed collaborative products as well as the activities and progress related to those products.

The food shortage solution, blockchain in the primary industries. Through the topic of the approach to digital assets the ITADAKI-MASU Coin Project was on stage as an independent project. 


Currently in the ITADAKI-MASU consortium, consortium member companies are continuously collaborating internally and developing new products. When we are able to display this information on the web, we will share this information. 

The product information will serve as a platform for building collateral for the coin usage as well as a means to secure the liquidity of the coin.

In our approach to digital assets, we are spreading around the world and constantly discussing the collaboration between coin and digital assets within our consortium. 
China, Japan, and Malaysia have become important partnered countries. Naturally, we are looking to cooperate with other countries and regions as well, and will make preparations to make this a reality. 
Through our current products, starting with honey and crops produced on abandoned farmland, and through services such as tours directed towards inbound tourists or MICE conference packages, collaboration and cooperation of companies within our consortiums has begun. 


Development for web services for farmers has also begun.

We will disclose this information as soon as it is available.