About Us

About the ITADAKI-MASU Coin Project.

In order to think about what can be done to solve the problems of those who "eat" around the world, we created this consortium project. 
Creating sustainable agriculture and new farmers through a new agricultural economic zone.
Aiming toward a future where there is no famine.
"There is no one who doesn't need to eat". By considering and taking into serious consideration themes such as this, creating new solutions, and by meeting new global consortium partners, we will expand the economic zone.

Causing people from all over the globe to be grateful for food they bought using IMCOIN, to think more about the importance of "meals", and to think of what they themselves can do, IMCOIN will drive people towards participation in agriculture. We will create this kind of future.

There is no need to try and conquer this goal all at once. You can take small steps and start by making small contributions to this goal on your own. We will create this kind of project.
A project resulting in the usage of blockchain technology.

This is the "ITADAKI-MASU Coin Project".

We will be listed on a rapidly cooperating exchange. The ITADAKI-MASU consortium will also be constantly increasing with companies from around the world. There are several participating members who can secure liquidity, and also can make progress with the collaboration of media mix.

We are recruiting ITADAKI-MASU consortium members at all times.